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Open folders just like VS Code


Is there any way to open folders in Sublime Text just like the VS Code?

Currently, Sublime Text remembers about the previously opened folder when you try to reopen ST after closing it, which is intended.

But unlike VS Code, when I try to open a folder other than the one which was previously opened, it opens both folders in two separate windows, which is annoying. As currently, I am only interested in the current latest folder and I don’t want to work in the previous folder.

We can let ST from stopping this “remembering” by setting hot_exit equal to false in Preferences. But it now doesn’t remember the last opened folder and its files, which we would like to go back to, and instead completely forgets about them.

The behavior which I want is to remember about previously opened folder when you reopen ST, but forget about them when you open ST with a different folder from command-line.

This is the exact behavior which VS Code has by default. You can look at this in action by opening two folders one after another in both Sublime Text and VS Code. (remember to close the app before opening the next folder).




That’s not possible as ST stores all open files and folders (windows) in one session file.

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