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Not seeing three-way merge view


Hi there. I’m “test driving” Sublime Merge, and had my first merge conflict to resolve yesterday, which I was perversely excited about seeing…but what SM showed me was just a two-way diff window, with the one on the right showing the <<<<<<HEAD and such that you’d get from “resolving” a merge in a dumb text editor like an animal. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how to get it to show the three-way merge view I get in Kaleidoscope (or other similar programs). I assume there’s something really obvious that I’m missing.

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I think you’re still on the main view that shows the overview of staged & conflicted files with their diffs. If you click ‘Resolve’ on a conflicted file, it will open the three-way merge view.



Ah! That sounds entirely plausible. Because I’ve been using Kaleidoscope for so long, I’m used to thinking of “Resolve” as the button that means “I am finished resolving the conflicts,” not “start resolving the conflicts.” Thank you.



THANK YOU! All my searching proved unfruitful, but seeing this post and your reply helped immediately. Much appreciated!

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