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Not seeing stderr from make output with ssh build system target


Are there any gotchas when using an ssh call to a Linux build server and being able to process the build output? I used the Advanced example for the build system and specified a bash script as the target. The script builds up and ssh command to start the make on the build server.

The make runs on the server, code has an error, but the build window only shows the stdout. At least I think it is just stdout. It is confusing. I use this same script with CLion and it can see all the output.

I have changed the popen args for stdout and stderr from PIPE, STDOUT, and STDERR.

Changed the ssh make to use 2>&1, also tee to file. Output is captured in file. Also tried ssh with -t option, noesnt work either.

In read_handle() I tried to read different handles other than stdout.

Running the script and just echoing to /dev/stderr without using ssh does present the echo in the build window.

Any ideas of some other things to try or how to debug?

Thanks, Mas



Do you see the output you expect if you run the bash script from a terminal?

The Advanced example in the documentation tells Popen to direct anything on stderr to stdout directly, and the thread that it starts to invoke read_handle reads from stdout, so on the face of it I would assume that if stderr is coming back over ssh somehow, it would get redirected and captured.