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thx for the help everyone, i found a solution

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I don’t think anyone did this. It is doable because Sublime Text is fully programmable, and what you need is a program tailored to your needs with Sublime being your UI. It is just (some or a lot of) work.

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Thanks for letting me know! Much appreciated!

fwiw, if anyone’s looking for a side-project, I’d be willing to pay to get this programmed. DM me!



Have you tried turning on vintage mode and trying to do what you want to do in VIM? I can kinda see what you are trying to achieve here with the variations to a single line. I usually simply muscle memory via yy and p, or P to go to the line above. Then, you can split the cursor and make it multiline via Ctl-Alt-Up in Sublime.

But I am also generally allergic to the mouse and clicking around the UI.



Thanks for this; KB shortcuts are always better for sure!

The shortcuts you suggested seem to copy lines below what’s selected. Cool feature for sure, but unless I’m missing something, it’s not exactly what I’m looking for…