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`node_modules` folder --> command palette sluggish



When I have the node_modules in the root of my project the command palette take a little while to show up instead of just show up.

I’ve tried to put the node_modules folder on the folder_exclude_patterns, binary_file_patterns and "index_exclude_patterns" but the result is always the same.

Do you know any way to avoid this behavior while I keep the folder in place?




Hello, which version of Sublime Text are you using and on which OS?
The amount of folders shouldn’t impact the speed of the command palette, do you mean the goto anything dialog? Do you still see files from the node_modules folder in the goto anything dialog with the following setting: "index_exclude_patterns": ["node_modules/**"]?

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If you mean the command palette is slow (and not the Goto Anything panel as @bschaaf mentioned) then the first thing that comes to mind would be something like a package or plugin you have installed that includes a command that does something time consuming when Sublime asks it if it should be enabled or visible (in the menu or command palette).

In particular if it seems to happen with node_modules existing in an open folder, it might be a command that is related to node in general or it might be a command that’s looking for a file to exist and the presence of such a large folder takes some time or something along those lines.




My Sublime Text Version is 3.2.1 and I’m on macOS 10.14.6.

I mean the Command Palette

After I set those settings I don’t longer see the node modules on the Go To Anything and even if node_packages folder is there, the Go To Anything command works fine and without delay.

Perhaps it’s related to a couple of Git packages —GitSavvy— I have or something like that.



It was the jekyll package, I removed!

Thanks for the insight!