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No Text Appearing


Hello. This is a little bizarre, but I’ve downloaded the program twice, and I’ve input a license, but when I open a new window /File/New File and start typing, the cursor never moves and no text appears. Sublime seems to know something has been altered because it asks if I want to save the file. However there’s no text on screen and the cursor is in line 1, column 1. If I open an existing file, any text file, the text is visible on screen, but the cursor cannot be moved, and I cannot edit, or add any text.

What am I not understanding? I am able to type easily in any other program, including in the completion of this Topical Creation.

I’m using Version 3.2.2 Build 3211. On Mac 10.13.6. Thanks.



Hi @k99c9986btzqk,

Could you try the following instructions:

- Dylan



That was the magic!

I appreciate the help.

Many, many thanks.

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