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No Multi-Cursor across Multiple Panes?


I’ve looked across google and this Forum, searching "multi cursor panes (Sublime Text 3) " and various combinations thereof and also actually tried to have one cursor in one pane and another in another pane. But no joy.

Is this expected behaviour ?

Is there a plugin someone could suggest please? (will that be Origami? Can you have multiple cursors in multiple panes?)

It seems a little strange that you can have multiple cursors but just in one pane… A powerful function curtailed by paneyness ! However I could be completely wrong (I am often) so if there is a solution I’d be very happy to hear it.



A couple of unrelated observations:
As a fairly non interested noob, the ST’s 2/3 (&4) seem to take on an almost political dimension, which I certainly haven’t encountered with any other software (yet)…
Also I’m getting solutions or something that works about 80% - 90 ish % (*) of the time. That’s only my intuition I haven’t actually gone through all my queries. (It definitely isn’t 0% or 100%). With that in mind…

Finally to all the folks that have helped me over the last few months as I endlessly crash around ST3, thank you very much. :smiley: :unicorn: :beer: :bike: :yin_yang:

edit (I’ve been doing some procrastinating) solutions are at about 76 % ± 8% depending on how you view partial solutions



I don’t think you can have cursors in multiple panes at the same time. I haven’t seen or read about it (in any of the forum posts) at any rate. Someone might correct me If I am wrong.

Not sure what does “political dimension” mean in this context but if you are referring to numbers 2/3/4, then moving forward from v4, Sublime plans to drop the number & be just Sublime Text (without any number). At least, that’s what the dev’s have said at any rate.



@UltraInstinct05, thanks, I was hoping that wouldn’t be the case.

Re political dimension (for example):

I come across this stuff whilst looking for solutions… Perhaps it’s just a symptom of Forums, I’m only on two. The other one doesn’t have that kind of dare I say it “sometimes inflammatory content”. Now this is all totally off topic, and probably not very productive (my bad). It was just an observation. It is a bit weird (to me). I’m sure others would refer to it as lively discussion even marketing maybe. As a noob to all this, it is a bit odd.

Ps I’ve just had a thought, IF we’re going to have a bit of a chat about this, should this go in the General Discussion pile rather than Tech Supp ? Or it could also be a complete waste of time even thinking about this stuff, again it was just an observation…:slightly_smiling_face: