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Newbie needs help


Just picked up Python (this week) and i was wondering why its no repeating or letting me build a simple hello world. instead it does say finished but it includes my razer keyboard and random program files. i am very stuck and no google searches have helped me. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling and same issue. have any of you experienced this?



It looks like your sublime-build file is broken and is not specifying how to run Python.

Advice would be: if you found anything in a blog post or a book about how to create a sublime-build file to execute Python code, ignore it; in ST4 the Python.sublime-build that ships will work for 99% of people without having to do anything.

In this case that would mean deleting the build that it told you to make or using Tools > Build With and choosing the Python build that ships with Sublime or selecting Python from the Tools > Build System menu.



Thank you good Sir