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Thanks in advance for explaining this basic stuff.

If I’m editing a file, and want to see it as I last saved it, I open another tab, then do File>Open… and open it from the disk. However, it doesn’t load the file from disk, instead filling this new tab with a duplicate of the current edited state. This is different than any other app I’m familiar with. Is there some reason why this is desireable behavior? Also when I quit Sublime, it doesn’t ask to save changes in any of the tabs… if I don’t save each tab before closing, when I relaunch sublime it seems to re open with all my edits, even though I didn’t save them. Apparently Sublime auto-saves all my edits somewhere? Again, this seems like an odd design choice, what am I missing?



Which OS?

This is a feature called “hot_exit”, Sublime will save session date /state when you quit sublime and persist it across launches. If you don’t need those edits closing the file tab, will allow you to cancel those changes.



Mac OS 10.14.

thanks for the reply. How do you recommend I view the Saved version of a file without losing my edits?

Save As… seems to have done something unexpected, also… somehow my earlier versions get overwritten. I think an in-depth perusal of available documentation is in order- best source?



I’ll reply more thoroughly once at my keyboard.

As for docs, there is the sublime text docs that should be available at and also unofficial docs at



If you want to see what’s different between the file as it is now and as it was at the last save, the context menu item Show Unsaved Changes will open a panel that shows you (as a file diff).