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New user frustrated with Sublime


I am a recent convert to Sublime. I’ve used Atom for years, and of course I became very accustomed to things about Atom (primarily its extensibility). I downloaded Sublime after reading something how awful Electron apps are, as well as a comparison between different editors. Sublime was obviously much faster than Atom, which is awesome.

However, I am growing frustrated with Sublime after using it more. I am on mac OS, and adding packages seems to just be broken. I cannot get a package to work for the life of me. I followed multiple tutorials on how to get them installed, and nothing works. I saw in another post here that Package Control on mac OS does not work properly. And that Package Control is maintained by volunteers. I have to ask — why in the world is Package Control not built into Sublime?? It seems like it is an essential feature.

I also have a problem with project management in Sublime. I manage dozens of websites, but there is no easy way to manage them. In Atom, this was solved using an extension. Maybe Sublime has a similar package that would work for me… but again, I can’t add packages, so if there is one, it would be useless to me.

At this point, I am disappointed and thinking of requesting a refund on the money I have spent on Sublime. It’s nice overall, and much much faster than Atom, but basic things in it just don’t work for me.



If you are using Big Sur, yes it’s broken on it now.



Try reading this page on how to use projects. Notably, the Quick Switch Project menu is a life saver.

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Have you tried using Projects in Sublime ? Here is a nice video that covers the topic :-

If you have issues with the built in way Sublime manages projects, there are plugins that can add more functionality. Something that comes to mind is ProjectManager



I’m on Mojave



Have you opened an issue?

There are a lot of historical reasons, some personal reasons and a fair number of practical reasons. However, there has been no significant downside to users needing to click “Install Package Control”.



I can’t help you directly, but you’re not on your own. I’m happy to share my thoughts on ST3 if you’re a noob to the product (like I was 6 months ago), but here probably isn’t the place… Sorry can’t help diectly




Thanks for the tip. You’re right the Quick Switch Project menu is nice!



Where do I open an issue? GitHub?



Thanks for the video. It was helpful. I would love to check on plugins, but as I mentioned, I cannot get them to install.



Official issue tracker is here:

What errors are you seeing with package control?



Thank you. When I am on my work machine (running Mojave) Package Control does not work. There are unfortunately no errors at all. It just silently fails.

I found out today on my home machine (running Catalina), Package Control works great! And it is a nice system. :slight_smile:



Not even in the ST console? Ctrl+`

If a plugin (Package Control itself is a plugin) in failed in ST, it almost will be “silently” but the error message is in the console.



This is interesting, I see this very typical pattern over and over in the industry :)… We’ve got a nice workflow using our dear old tools and we use that for years but then we discover “better” tools so we decide it to give it a shot and that’s totally fine & legit.

When we do that we should always be aware there will always be a transitioning period that will slow us down till our workflow become nice & optimal again in the first days/weeks/months. It all boil downs how much time we’re willing to invest at this point.

You said you’re running dozens of websites and that’s a very common use case… Projects, sublime-builds, plugins, packages, … There are many valid approaches to deal with it easily in Sublime. My advice? Don’t give up on Sublime so fast just because certain things won’t work out of the box because you haven’t mastered the tool yet.

One thing is clear to me, problems about extensibility or uncovered use-cases can be addressed “easily” in Sublime while issues about performance like Atom et al can’t (at least easily) so you need to live with that tradeoff. Why? Because these tools are using slow frameworks at expenses of having a bunch of slow builtin features.

As simple as that, Sublime text has a solid foundation other many tools out there won’t.

Ps. Not trying to convince you of anything but I’ve suffered from the “this tool doesn’t work for me after playing with it 30 minutes” syndrome so I just wanted to give my personal humble opinion about the subject :wink:

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How to submit an issue with Package Control is documented on the site at



Thanks to everyone for your help and tips. Package Control seems to be working for me now. I guess I must have been doing something wrong.

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