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New to sublime - Need help with color themes


So I just got into programming in Python and I’ve tried quite a few different text editors and I’m leaning towards sublime text but there are just a couple things that I’m having trouble with that I feel are really simple fixes but since I’m new to both programming and sublime text I just cant figure it out.

First problem - Color Schemes. I can change my color scheme fairly easily and I’ve even found out how to install new themes but I continue to run into the same problem. When I type text into the editor it is all the same color. I really like it when certain groups of keywords are highlighted certain colors and numbers are different as well. Words like ‘if’, ‘while’, ‘for’, etc. I really could care less which color they are as this is my first text editor I just want them to change. I know its possible because I’ve looked at tutorial videos and screenshots and seen exactly what I’m talking about on other peoples computers.

I did follow a guide at this site so some of my preferences have changed which is probably why I’m having issues but I tried uninstalling and reinstalling and the settings stay the same. Is there a way to reset everything as if I’ve never installed it before? Or if that is unnecessary is there something on that site that is causing my text to all be just plain white?

Second problem - Probably a simpler one. When I type a line of code where the next line needs to be indented - ex. def function(arg): - the next line needs to be indented 4 spaces. Is there a way to set this up so it does this automatically? This is a huge deal really but it would be really nice and help me out a ton so I don’t lose my train of thought or run into errors with my code because I forgot to press tab when I’m used to it happening automatically.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of all the text editors I’ve tried I think this one is my favorite so far aside from these issues. If I can get these fixed you’ve got another sale in me.



It might also be worth mentioning that I used that website to tweak the settings for Python development before I even really had a chance to try it out at factory settings so I’m not sure if those things happened by default right away or if there is something that I am supposed to go in and change regardless of the user settings.

And as mentioned in the first line - I am going to be using this mainly for Python. Perhaps other languages in the future but I’m new to programming so I would like to stick with Python until I’m comfortable with it before I move on to any other languages.



Im sure you just type on a new file without saving it, thats why you cant see the color schemes.

So if you want to write python code, just save the file as .py and ST will aply the color scheme to python syntaxis.
But if even doing that you cant see color changes or if you simply dont like to save the file go to view > syntax and select python.




Another good way to change syntax is via command palette (super+shift+p) then you can fuzzy search/type ‘sspy’ without having to touch the mouse.



If your file is HTML, in the text editor type

the text will change. the script tags make the difference.