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New to git, how do I pull, push and commit to a new branch in sublime merge?


New to git, how do I pull, push and commit to a new branch in sublime merge? I could not work it out via the documentation or within the software, it kept creating a HEAD branch when I tried to do it, I would prefer to just do it so its in place of the master branch if that is even possible, almost like I am switching repos, but to a different branch in sublime merge?



You should go on a discovery mission within the application. There are menu items to look into (Repository would be your the first stop), buttons & icon to read hover-over text on (start with the up & down arrow on the top right), and the command palette to search in. The latter has the same keyboard shortcuts as Sublime Text (Ctrl+Shift+P or Cmd+Shift+P on macOS)

The only thing that might not be visible or easily found is the location bar which can be toggle with the top left most toolbar icon. (or Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B or Cmd+K, Cmd+B on macOS)



That does not really answer my question. But thanks anyway. I am looking for a more direct answer to my question, the reason I am using a GUI over the command line is to make it simpler for myself. I don’t even know what I am looking for via those shortcut keys in terms of git? The documentation does not really answer this for me either.



As mentioned in my original reply, what you’re looking for is in the Repository menu, or the up & down arrows on the righthand side of the toolbar, or you can search the command palette using the keyboard shortcuts as seen above.

You’ll find this feature listed near the bottom on the Sublime Merge homepage:

Sublime Merge uses the same terminology as Git, and doesn’t make use of any state beyond Git itself. When you’re working with Sublime Merge, you’re working with Real Git, not a simplified version

You can also hover over most buttons to see which git command it will run.

You can search in the command palette (or menus) using the name you tell git itself. There is a small amount of nuance between the two, but they’re mostly identical.



What kept creating a HEAD branch? Sublime Merge?
When you tried to do what? push? pull? commit? create a branch? checkout a commit (i.e. detached HEAD state)?
You would prefer to do what?
What is in place of the master branch?

Using ‘it’ to refer to whatever you’re doing isn’t going to help us help you. Maybe screenshots or gifs/videos would help provide context to what is going on.