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New Sublime Install - Build Results Disabled


I have a new Sublime install, and the Conda package installed with Anaconda on my PC. For some reason, Show Build Results in the Tools menu is greyed out, and right-clicking the panel icon in the bottom-left corner does not show a Show Build Results option.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? show_panel_on_build is even set to true in the settings, and yet the results do not show for something simple like print(1+1)

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Have you executed any builds in that particular window yet? The build results panel is created in a window the first time it’s needed, and each window has a distinct panel.

So, your experience sounds like no build has been conducted yet, in which case it had no reason to create the panel, and there are also no results to navigate.

On the other hand if you have done a build then that is very weird behaviour indeed. I don’t use Conda or Anaconda, but depending on how they set up their packages it’s possible that they do something to override the default behaviour somehow.