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"New project" option


All the options under the project menu assumes that there is a project.

The first four (Open, Switch, Quick switch and Open Recent) are variants of the same thing - you have a project that you want to open.

Save, Close and edit also assumes an existing project.

And then you have workspaces under the project.

Finally managing the folder under the project.

=> But all I want is to launch a “new project”, that would open a new window possibly with a blank file.



A new project is started by:

  1. Open a new window
  2. Add one or more folders (Main Menu > Project > Add Folders to Project …)
  3. Save the Project (Main Menu > Project > Save Project As…)

Suggestion: I personally got addicted to ProjectManager, which adds a couple of useful functions to create/edit/modify/switch projects.

Especially the quick panel based project switching feels much more natural, than ST’s default Switch Project dialog.



Ah - under the file menu. Thanks. :slight_smile: :blush:



Re: Project manager. YES! That was a super suggestion. I have had the project files with the projects themselves, and hence had to filter them out in a sync towards Git. Next phase was placing them in a folder under Sublime itself (quite messy to traverse the path every time) but this does the task beautifully! Again, thanks for the suggestion!