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New Plugin - Exact Quick Find


Hello everyone! I would like to introduce a new plugin that I have just done.

It’s called Exact Quick Find and is now available on Package Control here.

With Exact Quick Find you can do Quick Find / Quick Add subject to case-sensitive / whole-word restrictions, in a more straightforward, explicit and complete way.

Here is a screencast showing the finding process of the exact word "debug" in lowercase.

Note that the flags on the status bar are toggled from [c][w][R] to [C][W][R], using key bindings.

[C] for case sensitive. [W] for whole word. [R] for wrap scan.

Also note that, with case-sensitive and whole-word flags on, the search skips all the non-whole-word cases such as "_debug_print" and "debug_level", and all the uppercased "DEBUG" as well.

At the advanced level, this plugin introduces a full set of peek-based navigation and selection methods to boost productivity.

Here is a screencase showing adding, subtracting, and reviewing selections with peek-based methods.

I sincerely hope this can be helpful. Thank you!