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New Git integration SublimeText 3.2


Does Sublime Merge need to be installed/purchased for Git integration with SublimeText 3.

The changelog / doc isnt clear on this.




An installation of Sublime Merge is required for the parts of the integration that deal with opening your repository in Merge, viewing the file/folder history in merge, etc (basically just the functionality that’s laid out in the Sublime Merge portion of the git integration docs). If you don’t have Merge installed, those won’t work (I think they pop up a dialog to tell you about Merge or something along those lines though).

The remainder of the integration, such as Sublime’s ability to show you the git status of files in the side bar, use the mini diff gutter indicators to show you changes or incremental diff to see what the actual changes are don’t require Sublime Merge to be installed though.

In fact you don’t even need to have git installed for the git integration to work; Text uses a custom library created by SublimeHQ for Sublime Merge to read the state of the repository.