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New file & Save


Any time I want to create a new file and save it, I have to:

  1. Click File
  2. Click New File
  3. Go back to File
  4. Click Save As

As a student and a new user of the sublime text, I’m getting kind of irritated about these steps.

I think it would be better to connect them to save more time.



If it helps your workflow any, ctrl+n,ctrl+s will create a new file and prompt you for a name as a quick 2-key combination.

Alternately you can set up a custom key binding to invoke both commands in a chain to make it a single keypress:

    { "keys": ["ctrl+shift+n"], "command": "chain",
      "args": {
        "commands": [
            ["new_file"], ["save"]

Using of course whatever key you want. However ctrl+n to create a new file and ctrl+s to save are common to a lot of software, so it may be worth getting in that habit so your workflow can move with you as you go from software to software.



Thanks, I appreciate it.