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New dev status please?


Dear HQ,

I liked the July 2014 update, I got a sense that things were finally moving forwards. Then everything got silent again. jps haven’t visited the forums in TWO months.

Could HQ please at least offer a sign of existence? Will 2015 be the year ST3 is released with atomic save turned off so it is actually useable on Windows for new users? Will we see a forum that doesn’t go down twice a month for days?

Just puzzled…



It seems like they are either busy to the point of not being healthy or not doing much at all.

It’s hard to come up with a scenario why a company can’t post once a month to let their fans/customers know in general whats going on and what to expect in the future.

I have read the following post by karisublime:

It’s obvious by the repeated conversations on the forums several people have noticed the absence of work and updates on this product. Especially when compared to the previous pace of multiple updates a month. JPS also used to be active on the forum nearly daily.

Going from frequent updates and lots of support on the form to nearly none of both is a noticeable negative change.

I often wonder if I should invest time in another editor if this isn’t going to be a long lived supported option for me. For me this is the best text editor out there but I also need to weight that against the thought will it be a long lasting one?

Normally I stay quite on the forum but I finally felt like putting my thoughts down.

Lets hope for a positive change in the near future.