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New default for `expand_merge_commits_*`


I just lost a lot of time feverishly hunting for missing commits - only to find them hidden under a collapsed “merge commits” toggle that only appears when you hover over a tiny click target (with a sign that says “Beware the leopard!”).

This is such a bad default behavior in a git client. Please revert the default value for expand_merge_commits_by_default to false.

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Couldn’t agree more. I thought it was broken until I found this post and realised it was a configuration option.



This should obivously have been “Please change the default value for expand_merge_commits_by_default to true .”

The current default value for this option is extremely confusing for new users, who expect to see a normal looking history tree with branches and merges.

This feature, however, is super nice for people working in massive repos, who want to have a “Squash Merge” view of the history.

Just make it opt-in (even make it a fat toggle button that you can set for each individual repo).