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New Build System Inputted Correctly, Not Showing Output On


Need assistance on why system is not showing output.

I’ve been using sublime text for the last few months now. No issues.

Randomly launched program as I always do, input script/command, press control-B, no output shows.

I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, started from scratch, created a new build. Nothing has worked. All it shows at the bottom of the screen is, [Finished in ms].

I am at a total loss. Any ideas?

I am using the program for Python Crash Course by Eric Matthes.

Thanks in advance! Branden.



Without more details its hard to say what your issue is; is this one of those crash courses that thinks it needs you to do work to set up a Python build rather than just using what’s built in, for example?

In any case, if the build says that it finished and you don’t see output, that is usually an indication of having set up the build to compile only without running it (which can happen with the default build system if you choose Syntax Check thinking that it does something extra, when in fact all it does is compile but not run).

A way to verfy that is to break the code by making the syntax invalid and run the build again; do you see output now?

Generally though, with a build question you should include the contents of the build system and a paste of the full diagnostic output of the build.



Here are a few images. Not sure if this will help with your diagnosis of the issue.

Current Build:

“cmd”: [“python3”, “-u”, “$file”],

Not sure if any of this helps. Please let me know.



Completed Code:



Broken Code:

I’ve also tried other Builds I’ve seen you post on other responses and same issue.



You haven’t saved your file.



If that’s the build you want to use, do one of:

  1. In Tools > Build System, put a check next to the build named Custom Python (the name is taken from the name of the sublime-build file
  2. in Tools, pick Build With while you have a Python file open, and when the popup appears, choose the item named Custom Build.

All else being equal, you will have a better time if you follow step #2 and choose Python as the build (NOT the one with Syntax Check in the name; that compiles only). The build that ships with Sublime will work just fine for you if you have Python installed on your system, and includes extra functionality like being able to navigate to errors that the file you have there is lacking.



I was able to finally get an output, but now it is only reading first program and not the second that’s in place?



You haven’t saved your file.