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[neovintagous][ex mode] can't pass characters <colon> and <num sign> as argument to Sublime command


I’m not sure I should fill an issue to neovintageous repo yet. I’m trying to map Sublime goto overlay to vim binding.

The following ex command works :
:ShowOverlay overlay=goto text=@<CR>

However if I replace ‘@’ by either ‘#’ or ‘:’ it does not work and the message invalid command is shown is the status bar.

Do I need to escape those characters somehow ? All my attempts have failed.

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Thanks. This is a bug. It’s fixed

I’ll be releasing a patch version in 10 or so minutes so it will be available in package control by the end of day.



Thank you again for your quick response, it was a bug after all !

I have many others questions but I think it’s better I create an issue the github repo as it is probably a bug or an unimplemented feature.