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Need to quit in order to save properly


So I’m experiencing some weird and rather annoying behaviour with my workflow.

My setup is on a Linux machine (Pop! OS) and I use Sublime as editor and FileZilla to upload to web server. Local files are synced with the cloud using pCloud. I’ll usually make an edit, save and then upload, then refresh the browser to get the changes to take effect.

This works for a while. Until it doesn’t anymore. At some point, after a few minutes, saving will not affect the local file. So the changes aren’t delivered to the web server when I FileZilla the file.

To make it all work again, I have to quit Sublime and reopen it again. This seems to then automatically push the changes to the required files, without me having to re-save anything, so that as soon as Sublime reopens I can happily FileZilla away and the changes are uploaded.

A few minutes later, the same thing happens again.

Any clues as to what’s causing this? And how I might be able to fix it? TIA.



To add to this, someone on Reddit (thank you) suggested disabling atomic_save but it’s already disabled.



Have you tried reverting to a freshly installed state?



Yes. Well, sort of. I’ve had the problem over several new Linux distros, so each time I reinstall Sublime I get the same problem. The Home partition is different every time so there should be no previous state for Sublime to find.



Which version of Sublime Text are you using and how are you installing it?