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Navigate to branch (and other newbie questions)


I’m trying out Sublime Merge and I haven’t found how to go to a branch in the Commits graph.

I also wonder if it’s possible to get a fetch button or reconfigure the pull button to be a fetch button, pulling blindly without inspecting the changes beforehand is often messy.

And is it possible to have the commit graph at the top instead of the side? It feels a bit cramped.

And finally, when I click a file tab, I can expand the whole file. But when I choose another commit and then click a file tab, I have to expand it again. Can I have files always expanded in the single-file diff tabs?



G’day @AndreKR,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

To answer your questions:

Navigating to Branches
To navigate to a branch in the commit graph, either single-click the branch in the Locations bar on the left side, or use the navigate to branch command in the command palette (Ctrl + P / Cmd + P for Mac).
If you’d like to checkout a branch, you can double-click it in the Locations bar, or use the checkout branch command in the command palette.

Configuring the Pull Button
It’s currently not possible to change the behavior of the pull button, though there’s an open request on the issue tracker though here:

It’s worth noting that the button uses git pull --ff-only as this will never result in conflicts, and instead just do a fetch if the merge would result in a conflict.

Configuring the Commit Graph
It’s currently not possible to have a horizontal commit graph. That being said, you can configure the column layout in the preferences under the Layout section to adjust for different screen sizes.

Showing the Whole File by Default
Do you mean that the entire diff is collapsed, or only showing the changed sections? Currently this is not possible to show the full file context by default, though I’ll look into adding this and will keep you posted.

Thanks for sharing this feedback with the Sublime Merge team!

- Dylan from Sublime HQ