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Navigate next/prev commit


Are there keyboard shortcuts (or commands that I can map to keys) for moving next/back through the Commits list? The only way I have found is to first shift focus with super+2 and then ↑ ↓ but that is slow to move around without mouse. Anything like super+shift+[ / super+shift+] but for commits?



See the key shortcuts listed next to the first four menu items under Navigate:

  • Go Back
  • Go Forward
  • Go to Child
  • Go to Parent

Given that Go to Child doesn’t always take the path I want (when multiple branches spawn from the same commit) I usually start at the top of a commit list & use Go to Parent a whole bunch & use back/forward to navigate around.

If that doesn’t work too well, you can always hide branches such that only the commits you’re interested in allow the & keys to easily work.

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Go to Preferences, Edit Key Bindings, and paste the code below. I have not tested it, though.

	{ "keys": ["super+shift+["], "command": "navigate_back" },
	{ "keys": ["super+shift+]"], "command": "navigate_forward" },
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⌥↓ and ⌥↑ are what I was looking for: I discovered that I wasn’t holding when I thought I was (new split keeb) so behaviour was weird. Thanks for the prompt to try harder!