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N Tab presses to select autocompletion result


If there any way to select from the autocomplete drop down based on the number of times Tab is pressed on the keyboard?

It seems like the default behavior of Sublime Text is arrow key navigation + enter to select. I changed it to tab to at least make it easier to input line breaks without hitting Esc. I’d just rather use one key if possible to select autocompletes instead of having to use arrow keys. TabNine used to do it like the way described but now seems to integrate better with Sublime which means no more N Tabs to select :confused:



Can you explain this a little more, I’m not familiar with TabNine.

It sounds like you want Tab to both insert the completion and also allow you to select the completion that you want to insert?



Yup, I wish I had a screenshot of the old behavior, but it effectively was something like the following:


Pressing Tab would select and fill “widows”, pressing tab twice would, on the first press, select and fill “widows”, then select and fill “width”, and so on. The fill window would only close after you type a letter after autocompleteing.

I used to use autocomplete more when it was setup like that with whatever TabNine was doing custom in their integration, but now I notice I just dont use it as much, it’s faster usually to just type what’s on my brain instead.

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TabNine did have an interesting approach to selecting completions.
First completion - Tab
Second completion - Tab+Tab (Tab twice)
Third completion - Tab+3 (Tab and number 3)
Fourth completion - Tab+4 (Tab and number 4)
Fifth completion - Tab+5 (Tab and number 5)

They have since moved on to the simpler method of using cursor up and down keys to select the desired completion and then tab to make the actual completion.