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My sublime text (Windows) cheat sheet


It’s a work in progress, mainly geared around the things I use most often. Comments welcome.

[size=150]Sublime Text 2 Tips[/size]

Useful URLs

Command Palette

  • Ctrl+Shift+P (Tools > Command Palette…)

Goto Anything

  • Go to file: Ctrl+P (Goto > Goto Anything…)

  • Go to symbol: Ctrl+P, “@symbol” (Ctrl+R, Goto > Goto Symbol…)

  • Go to line number: Ctrl+P, “:#” for line (Ctrl+G, Goto > Goto Line…) -

  • Go to word: Ctrl+P, “#word” (Ctrl+;)


  • Insert line after: Ctrl+Enter

  • Insert line before: Ctrl+Shift+Enter

  • Repeat last keyboard command: Ctrl+Y (Edit > Repeat)

  • Transpose: Ctrl+T (Edit > Text > Transpose)

  • (Un)Comment current line: Ctrl+/ (Edit > Comment > Toggle Comment)

  • Block (un)comment current selection Ctrl+Shift+/ (Edit > Comment > Toggle Block Comment)

  • Paste and indent correctly: Ctrl+Shift+V (Edit > Paste and Indent)

  • Uppercase: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U (Edit > Convert Case > Upper Case)

  • Lowercase: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+L (Edit > Convert Case > Lower Case)

Line operations

  • Indent current line(s): Ctrl+] (Edit > Line > Indent)

  • Unindent current line(s): Ctrl+ (Edit > Line > Unindent)

  • Move line/selection up: Ctrl+Shift+Up (Edit > Line > Swap Line Up)

  • Move line/selection down: Ctrl+Shift+Down (Edit > Line > Swap Line Down)

  • Duplicate lines: Ctrl+Shift+D (Edit > Line > Duplicate Line)

  • Join lines: Ctrl+J (Edit > Line > Join Lines)


  • Delete word forwards: Ctrl+Del

  • Delete word backwards: Ctrl+Backspace

  • Delete line: Ctrl+Shift+K (Edit > Line > Delete)

  • Delete from cursor to end of line: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K

  • Delete from cursor to start of line: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Backspace

Selection (selection operations can be repeated multiple times)

  • Select line: Ctrl+L (Selection > Expand Selection to Line)

  • Select word: Ctrl+D (Selection > Expand Selection to Word)

  • Select scope: Ctrl+Shift+Space (Selection > Expand Selection to Scope)

  • Select brackets: Ctrl+Shift+M (Selection > Expand Selection to Brackets)

  • Select indentation: Ctrl+Shift+J (Selection > Expand Selection to Indentation)

  • Select tag: Ctrl+Shift+A (Selection > Expand Selection to Tag)

  • Skip selection: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+D

  • Scroll to selection: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C (Goto > Scroll > Scroll to Selection)


  • Jump to closing parenthesis (repeat to go to opening): Ctrl+M (Goto > Jump to Matching Bracket)

  • Jump to your last change (repeat to undo change): Ctrl+U (Edit > Undo Selection > Undo)


  • Toggle bookmark: Ctrl+F2 (Goto > Bookmarks > Toggle Bookmark)

  • Next bookmark: F2 (Goto > Bookmarks > Next Bookmark)

  • Previous bookmark: Shift+F2 (Goto > Bookmarks > Previous Bookmark)

  • Select all bookmarks: Alt+F2 (Goto > Bookmarks > Select all Bookmarks)


  • Find: Ctrl+F (Find > Find…)

  • Find Next: F3 (Find > Find Next)

  • Find Previous: Shift+F3 (Find > Find Previous)

  • Replace: Ctrl+H (Find > Replace…)

  • Find in files (Navigate using F4, Shift+F4): Ctrl+Shift+F (Find > Find in Files…)

Code Folding

  • Fold: Ctrl+Shift+ (Edit > Code Folding > Fold)

  • Unfold: Ctrl+Shift+] (Edit > Code Folding > Unfold)

  • Unfold all: Ctrl+K,Ctrl+J (Edit > Code Folding > Unfold All)

  • Fold attributes: Ctrl+K,Ctrl+T (Edit > Code Folding > Fold Tag Attributes)


  • Record: Ctrl+Q (Tools > Record Macro)

  • Playback: Ctrl+Shift+Q (Tools > Playback Macro)


  • Previous tab: Ctrl+PgUp (Goto > Switch File > Previous File)

  • Next tab: Ctrl+PgDown (Goto > Switch File > Next File)

  • Switch to tab number: Alt+number (Goto > Switch File > …)

Split Layout

  • Set single layout: Alt+Shift+1 (View > Layout > Single)

  • Set # columns: Alt+Shift+2,3,4 (View > Layout > Columns)

  • Set 2 or 3 rows: Alt+Shift+8,9 (View > Layout > Rows)

  • Set 2x2 grid: Alt+Shift+5 (View > Layout > Grid)

  • Move to group #: Ctrl+# (View > Focus Group)

  • Move file to group #: Ctrl+Shift+# (View > Move file to Group)


  • Toggle side bar: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+B (View > Side Bar > Hide Side Bar)

  • Distraction free: Shift+F11 (View > Enter Distraction Free Mode)

  • Enable spell-check (Navigate using Ctrl+F6, Ctrl+Shift+F6): F6 (View > Spell Check)

Multiple Cursors

  • Press Ctrl then click in each region

  • Ctrl+Shift+L (Selection > Split into Lines)

  • Highlight word, press Ctrl+D (Selection > Expand Selection to Word) repeatedly to select additional occurrences of that word.

  • Add cursor at all occurrences of a word with Alt+F3 (Find > Quick Find All)

  • Add new line with cursor: Ctrl+Alt+Up, Ctrl+Alt+Down (Selection > Add Previous Line)

  • Return to single selection: Esc (Selection > Single Selection)

You can select a rectangular selection by using Shift, then holding the
right mouse button and dragging over the area you wish to select. You
can add or remove part of the selection using Alt (Remove from selection) and
??? (Add to selection) and using the same technique.


  • Set mark: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+Space (Edit > Mark > Set Mark)

  • Select to mark: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+A (Edit > Mark > Select to Mark)

  • Delete to mark: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+W (Edit > Mark > Delete to Mark)

  • Switch location with mark: Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X (Edit > Mark > Swap with Mark)

  • Clear Mark: Ctrl+K Ctrl+G (Edit > Mark > Clear Mark)


  • Switch Project: Ctrl+Alt+P (Project > Switch Project in Window…)

  • Select root folder: Project > Add Folder to Project…

  • Save: Project > Save Project As… (.sublime-project file)


  • Show scope in status bar: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P

  • Reindent Lines: Edit > Line > Reindent

  • Close Tag: Alt+.

  • Reopen Closed File: Ctrl+Shift+T (File > Open Recent… > Reopen Closed File)

  • See Key Bindings: Preferences > Key Bindings – Default

TextMate Theme Compatible

User-Settings (Preferences > Settings - User)

    "bold_folder_labels": true,
    "color_scheme": "Packages/Color Scheme - Default/Zenburnesque.tmTheme",
    "draw_minimap_border": false,
    "font_face": "Consolas",
    "font_options": "directwrite"],
    "font_size": 11,
    "highlight_line": true,
    "highlight_modified_tabs": true,
    "hot_exit": false,
    "ignored_packages": "Vintage", "ZenCoding"],
    "line_numbers": false,
    "rulers": [80, 120],
    "spell_check": true,
    "theme": "Soda Dark.sublime-theme",
    "trim_trailing_white_space_on_save": true,
    "detect_indentation": false,
    "tab_size": 4,
    "translate_tabs_to_spaces": true,
    "use_tab_stops": true


        "backup_dir": "D:/Backups",
        "backup_merge_command": "C:/Program Files (x86)/Beyond Compare 2/BC2.exe \"{oldfilepath}\" \"{curfilepath}\""
Backwards in history: Ctrl+Alt+
Forwards in history: Ctrl+Alt+]
Merge from backup history: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M

Web Packages


  • Emmet Css Snippets

  • HTML Snippets



good job^


#3 is obsolete, since that’s a built-in feature now.



I’ve updated this cheat sheet and formatted it as PDF.



I’m new to sublime and this cheat sheet looked well researched. Oh great you made a pdf download. Then the clusterf#@k of 4Shared. 20 different download buttons and not one gets me to the file. What am I doing wrong?




Me neither. It seems the 4Shame doesn’t allow downloading without registering at all. Which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Even if they’re trying to cover their @sses and pretend they’re fighting piracy.



Here it is in MarkDown format.



weird. the attachment didn’t make it.

try this link:

I’ll keep this version up to date



Thanks for sharing these. Really useful for me who just started to use sublime!



May I suggest my SublimeWebColors package to the web packages list?



Thanks for this! Really helps out those of us coming from other apps like Notepad++.



Thanks for this. New to Sublime and appreciate the list. One of the issues I hit was with multiple instances of sublime automatically reopening the same files in two different windows and concurrently editing it. So if I was not paying attention to the window I was in (I alt tab a bunch on windows), I ended up with coding errors. I managed to change the behavior and wanted to share the same as I did spend a bunch of time looking on the internet for this.

Goto preferences > settings - user (You will not be able to edit settings - default)

In the file, make sure all entries except the last one have a comma " , " at the end of the line. Then use the following two settings to affect the behavior.

// Exiting the application with hot_exit enabled will cause it to close
// immediately without prompting. Unsaved modifications and open files will
// be preserved and restored when next starting.
// Closing a window with an associated project will also close the window
// without prompting, preserving unsaved changes in the workspace file
// alongside the project.

"hot_exit": false,

// remember_open_files makes the application start up with the last set of
// open files. Changing this to false will have no effect if hot_exit is
// true

"remember_open_files": false
// Enjoy the annoying popup that shows up asking you to confirm saving the file when you exit. For me that's better than losing a few hours of work!