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Multiple snippets in a single file


Hello, very new to Sublime Text 2 (on OS X), downloaded it yesterday, really like it so far, looks like my replacement for Textmate.

First question, is it possible to have multiple snippets in one file? I tried it but ST2 doesn’t seem to like it, it just reads the first one. If not possible, is this something that could be built? I just find it hard to manage (and a waste) to have one file per snippet.



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Consider using .sublime-completions files: … tions.html

They work well as collections of short snippets. Longer ones will still require separate .sublime-snippet files for clarity.

EDIT: I meant .sublime-completions files. .sublime-commands files add items to the Command Palette.



Have had this issue as well. Maybe this could be changed in a future version? I’m using ST3 and ST4.