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Multiple "Find in Files..." buffers?


If you do the global Find in Files you can make the results appear in a new buffer (tab). Is it possible to do another Find in Files and have the results appear in a new buffer? I would love for every “Find in Files…” to keep opening new results tabs, but the default behavior seems to be to append the results to the bottom of the currently open buffer.

When refactoring, for example, I might search a method name to see where it’s used. Then in the course of changing that method, I’ll have to tweak another method and have to find all the places that method is used. But if I do a global search for it, I lose my place in the current buffer.



There’s no straightforward way to get what you want. Probably what I’d do in your workflow situation is drop bookmarks in the Find Results window (Ctrl+F2), issue another find, then use F2 to find back your bookmarks.

You could CnP your find results, or make a simple plugin to automate that, but you won’t get the nice double click behaviour of the Find Results window in normal editing buffers.

As an aside you can collapse down your find results with Ctrl+K,Ctrl+1. I sometimes find that useful when I’ve a lot of Find Results in the window.




For the googlers searching > 2019, this is possible with a package called OpenSearchInNewTab

To install, go to Tools > Command Pallette, type “package” and select the option called Package Control: Install Package

in the next window type “OpenSearchInNewTab” and select it. It will be installed – restart Sublime and it will work.