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Multi-touch Gestures -- Swift Left / Right to Navigate Between Previous Files


Currently, Sublime Text supports the Ctrl+Minus and Ctrl+Shift+Minus for code navigation history.

Xcode has a neat way of handling this, albeit for entire files, by supporting two-finger swipe right and left. The manner and animation used are identical to the same gesture in Safari on macOS, if you’d like to give it a quick try.

Sublime Text could support this method of navigation, regardless of whether the animation is used / different files are actually navigated between. Currently, two-finger horizontal swiping seems unused in Sublime Text for macOS.

VSCode has supported this since sometime in 2017:

It would also be useful if this were customizable, for example some users may want this to switch between tabs. It might also be useful to use it as a “Find next” or “Find previous”.

Overall: It would be great to be able to use multi-touch gestures within Sublime Text, either for only a few specific items or bindable as general hotkeys.




Being able to bind gestures to commands is a good idea.