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Moving to VS Community Edition :)


The popup every time you open Sublime has no reason of existence. Not even Microsoft does that with their Community Edition IDE.

You know it was already dying, but now more people will quit using your text editor. There are better options in the same range or tier, like Notepad++ anyway



Someone could’ve made the exact same comment a decade ago, and ST is still going today. So that suggests that your assessment is plain wrong.

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I am not even sure if this popup it’s a decade old. but ok :slight_smile:
keep messing with your users. see how it goes!
nothing else to say.



The popup asking you to purchase Sublime Text has been there from the beginning; that’s how we make money.



Think about this. A company provides that provides houses along with all the utilities paid (electricity, water, internet bills). They would even provide upgrades and fixes from time to time.

This company lets you “try” living in these houses without paying first. You can do anything you want in this house. Add a garage, heck a basement. You can even remove the roof if you like.

Here’s the catch, every single day at 10 in the morning, A guy from the company knocks on the door asking if you would like to buy the house now. You politely say no and he just ironically says “thank you” and drives away.

I have no idea how well off are you but damn…



Let’s try the other one…

Another housing company provides FREE houses. Their houses are super awesome. They even allow contributions to improve their houses from the public (which will be implemented once approved by the company). They also allow other people to copy certain parts of how their houses are built. Coz, yknow, its in their passion to help other people.

They do have have cameras installed to monitor how do people live inside their houses to improve their housing company. But of course, you can ask them to turn it off (*wink).

Did I mention the free utilities too? You have their company-provided water, electricity, internet. Sure you can use other providers, but thats a hassle! why use that when you can have it all from these company-provided services for free!

What’s the catch you ask? No, there’s no catch. Don’t worry. After all, loving and sharing are the core values of this company called Grace Field.