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Moving to Sublime 3 after fifteen years with TextPad


Here’s a post on my transition from being a faithful TextPad user, to using Sublime Text 3. There are lots of comparisons between the two editors (Sublime could learn a thing or two from TextPad) as well as tips for new users. … o_sublime/



Nice article and well written, thanks for sharing.

Concerning your smart cursor placement issue, take a look at:
Works not so bad…



Will give that plugin a try. Thanks for the tip.

I also added a comment to the three year old :frowning: userecho feature request.

Also found this long forum thread about it: "Smart" horizontal cursor positioning



SmartCursor is great! It only does half the job, but it’s the more important half.

Unfortunately it’s been abandoned, and it’s not on Package Control. Here are manual installation instructions: … ter_cursor



@bizoo likes to pretend that he’s given up on Sublime, but then he shows up in the forums pushing his plugins :smile:

P.S. I love SmartCursor. It only kicks in once in a blue moon, but when it does it’s wonderful :smile:




[quote=“quodlibet”]@bizoo likes to pretend that he’s given up on Sublime, but then he shows up in the forums pushing his plugins :smile:

No, I never said I’m giving up on Sublime, only that I don’t want to give some of my free times to ST anymore, so don’t want to take care of my plugins.
I always look for an alternative for ST, but didn’t found anything. ST is (for me) still the best (but competition improve quickly).
I think that the lack of communication and support from jps (or someone else) is slowly killing ST.
For instance, this plugin was possible because jps give me a hint for an undocumented property of the API, today as he almost never look at this forum, it will probably not possible anymore.
Sad, just sad…



Fair enough. I’ve needled you before about this and I don’t want you to feel defensive about your choice. How you or any other plugin authors spend your free time is your business.

You have a point about support. ST has expanded from being a niche product to being the commercial cross-platform text editor of choice. Development and support has not followed this shift. I’m hoping it’ll pick up. But, as you said, there’s no real alternative – yet.



Just wanted to say thanks! This plugin is what tipped the scales for me to buy ST.