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Move to Sublime from Atom


I want to move to Sublime but need some help with plugins. What are some good ones for:

CSS Language Server LSP
CSS Pigments
CSS Autocomplete
Integrated Terminal
Project Manager

Any advice? The LSP setup for CSS has me really confused.


Sublime Text versus Visual Studio Code in 2019

Also, what are the big advantages of moving to Sublime from Atom? Speed I know but what else do I gain? Atom has been a bit buggy for me.



Is Sublime and plugins still in active development? All I hear about lately is VS Code and Atom.



Popular Git packages for Sublime include Git and GitSavvy (the latter being more feature filled). You may also want GitGutter as well, which lets you track what lines in the current file are modified.

Note that if you’re coming from Atom, a common question is “Is there a way to change the color of files in the sidebar to show their git status?”, and at the present time the answer is “Unfortunately not at the moment”,.

A popular package for an integrated terminal would be TerminalView, although this is only supported on OSX/Linux currently.

For other options, including the other package types that you mentioned (which I have no real experience with), I would recommend checking out Package Control to see what’s available. Others may have other recommendations as well.

The only answer I personally have for this one is the speed, which you already mentioned. I only played with Atom a brief time before trying Sublime, and ended up buying a license for it a couple of days later.

Sublime Text 3.0 was officially released September 13th, 2017 and since then there have been several development builds made available.

In addition, new packages are being added to Package Control on a regular basis (the last being today and then a week before that). There is also a quite active community here in the forums and on the unofficial Discord channel (see this post for details) working on packages and providing assistance.

I don’t know that I would necessarily equate lack of talk about Sublime Text with it not being in active development; unlike VS Code and Atom, Sublime isn’t open source and isn’t free, so it’s likely that it doesn’t get a lot of mentions from that community as a result.



Sublime’s performance really is an order of magnitude better than Atom’s. Probably more. Also Sublime’s syntax highlighting engine is considerably more powerful, which enables scoping modes which are much more robust and semantically rich than those which are possible in Atom. Comparatively few of the modes have been rewritten to take advantage of this, but you can get an idea of what is possible by looking at the C/C++, JavaScript, and Scala modes.

The plugin ecosystem is quite active. Probably less so than Atom, but I suspect more than VS Code. It’s still a very active editor community, despite the fact that Atom has inarguably superseded it as the default “editor of recommendation” for most people in the market.

I’ve tried basically all the editors. I really do not regret buying Sublime, and I still use it exclusively.



What are your concerns? You can open issue on their issue tracker.



Thanks so much for the info. Can anyone explain how to use the LSP plugin with the CSS package which is same as VS Code? It is this one available at How can I add it as a custom LSP?



You can see the list of language servers on and But I cannot see a CSS server listed on these addresses.

That CSS server can be only supported by VSCode or it was not yet ported to be run outside VSCode. You can open a issue on their issue tracker asking about that.

While I was searching over there, I found this issue:

  1. [css] API/configuration to extend the CSS language server

Then I realized they already had extracted the language server from VSCode. Its code is hosted on

You can install it by running the command npm install --g vscode-css-languageservice your terminal. Then can install on Sublime Text the language client package

After that,

  1. You open a CSS file
  2. Open the command palette and run the command LSP: Enable Language Server Globally

If it not work, then the LSP package for Sublime Text is not currently configured to run the CSS server. Then you can look into the default setting for the LSP package and create a configuration. If you run need help, you can open a issue on the LSP issue tracker on



Perhaps this article will help you: Top 15+2 Plugins for Sublime Text 3

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