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Move multiple tabs at once as in chrome


Would be great to have this feature from chrome: command + click on several tabs; then drag them all at once (either to a new window or another window).



Thanks for the tip, didn’t know that one! I don’t think I’d use this everyday, but I’m pretty sure I’d find a use from time to time. So, :+1: (+1 :smile:)



+1 This is probably the only thing I hate about Sublime. I am used to interact with multiple tabs at the same time on Chrome a lot and I always “keep forgetting” I can’t do it with Sublime.



In case people didn’t know FireFox also allows selecting multiple tabs by holding Shift and clicking a tab to select all tabs between the current tab and the selected tab and also you can Ctrl+Click on individual tabs to select them. The after selecting multiple tabs you can move them around as a group or detach them into a new window, very useful.