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Missing ref update to a new branch in a submodule


Hey, brave community!

I recently started to enjoy Sublime Merge. Perhaps one days I will totally switch to it.

I have a question about updating branches in submodules.
There is a main-repository with a submodule. In the main-repository I created new feature branch.
Did the same for submodule. But in the main-branch Summary (changes list) I don’t see submodule ref update (to a new branch).

Did I miss something? How I can commit updated submodule reference?




Hi @Artem,

Thanks for reaching out - could you confirm that the checked out commit in the submodule repository has changed?

A submodule change will only be registered by Git if the checked out commit has changed. To confirm, could you run git submodule status on the terminal in the main repository and check the output is as expected.

If the checked out commit has changed, you’ll see:
+commit_hash submodule/path (branch/name)
If it hasn’t, you’ll see:
commit_hash submodule/path (branch/name)

- Dylan from Sublime HQ