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Missing Find in Folder option


I’ve just done a clean install of ST3 on a new machine after retiring old faithful.

The setup - OS and ST version etc is the same as the previous machine, as far as I’m aware.

Everything is working great except I’m missing the frequently used Find in Folder right-click menu option after clicking a folder in the project window, that would pre-populate the Find in Files features.

I’ve done some searching around for a solution, checked for a missing package, but to no avail. If someone could point me in the right direction, I would be very much obliged!



By a clean install, do you mean a freshly reverted state ? Note that uninstalling & reinstalling doesn’t change anything. ST will continue to use the old Data dir as before.



I mean download and install ST3 afresh on a new machine (no previous configuration)

Rephrasing my question - how do I get the Find in Folder right click menu option?



It should be present by default then. Post a screenshot of how your side bar menu looks like ? Also any other details like OS, ST build number etc



Thanks for that, screenshot attached.


Using Sublime 3.2.2 Build 3211, which appears to be the latest? On Linux Mint 20 Cinnamon.



From you screenshot, it absolutely looks like you have a package installed (SideBarEnhancements, perhaps) that is providing extra side bar menu items because menu items like Copy Name, Copy Relative Path, Copy Absolute Path is not present in a fresh install of ST.



Thanks for your help, yes it appears the issue was the package SideBarMenuAdvanced, which seems to remove the Search in Folder? Anyway, disabled that package and added the SideBarMenuEnhanced package, while not exactly the same as before, it does what I’m after.

Thanks for the pointers.