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Minimap border width


My aging eyes can barely make out the razor thin, alpha blended minimap border in ST4.

I know about editing the color scheme and changing minimap_border to adjust the color. I’ve settled on "minimap_border": "rgba(0, 255, 255, 1)" which is fairly high visibility.

But, I’d love if there was a setting like "minimap_border_width": 2. Is there any hope for this?



I noticed in the latest builds 4148/4149 the minimap opacity was fixed. So I can use something like this now to customize my theme and artificially boost the visibility:

"rules": [
		"class": "minimap_control",
		"settings": ["always_show_minimap_viewport"],
		"viewport_color": "var(viewport_always_visible_color)",
		"viewport_opacity": 2.0

Still, I would love if the border thickness could be increased! Hope someday there is a variable for this.