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[meta] Enable topic auto-bump for #support category


Discource has a feature called topic auto-bump which, by default a few times a day, takes an old topic and bumps it. This feature was specifically introduced for things like support categories. This way, older topics will eventually resurface to be answered if they were previously ignored.

It can be fully configured as seen fit. You can read about it here in the official announcement:



I would hazard a guess that this could cause more annoyance than benefit. The forum users whom answer support questions generally try to answer them all*. Quite often a topic never gets marked as resolved or is waiting on the original author to provide more info. Bumping when that is the case would serve no purpose for the 99.9% of visitors which aren’t the OP.

* I’m curious about your motivation for wanting this. Do you feel lots of support topics are unresolved in this forum?



Very good points. But, if you sort by least replies and category Technical Support, you’ll see a lot of unresolved topics. However, on second thought most of these are likely from Sublime Text 3 or older still and may no longer be relevant or already be resolved in ST4.