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Merging/Pushing Doesn't Auto-Refresh History Graph


When I merge a branch and/or push it upstream, the history graph sidebar doesn’t get autorefreshed — not until I click on a branch on the left sidebar. The expected behavior would be to see the graph update in realtime to mirror the current state of branch heads — especially when working with multiple remotes, where one wishes to visually check that all remote and local branches are up to date.



They should auto-update, are you sure you didn’t have the branches hidden (remember that they auto-show when clicked on in the location bar)



I’m sure because I’ve been noticing this frequently during the last week, so I kept a close eye on it. Some branches are hidden, though, but not those which have been merged; could this affect the update?

PS: I’m on Win 10 x64.



This problem keeps shown up (SM 1115), no hidden branches.

It’s annoying, for I have to click on the branches panel to refresh the graph, and if I forget to do it the history graph is deceptive for it doesn’t represent the current state of the repository.



Are you using a filesystem that does not support file change notifications such as a networked filesystem or perhaps a usb stick?



Are you using a filesystem that does not support file change notifications such as a networked filesystem or perhaps a usb stick?

I wouldn’t know that, I’m just using Win 10 defaults for the filesystem (NTFS), didn’t tweak any settings.

This year there was a major Win 10 update that might have changed the defaults for network filesystem though, for my NAS lost many features with the new security settings (mainly due to very old protocols being used by the NAS).

What kind of settings should I be looking for?



If your files are just on your local ntfs drive then it shouldn’t be a problem. Is the refresh simply delayed or does it only update when you click on the branches panel?



The latter, I need to click somewhere on the branches panel — any branch — and the graph updates immediately and show the current branches state after the merge operation.



That’s quite odd, clicking in the branches panel doesn’t trigger a rescan or anything. Does pressing ctrl+r (Tools > Refresh) cause an update?



BTW, I don’t know if this might be relevant or not, but I always use SM on a secondary desktop!

I use the main desktop to code and test, and the secondary desktop to do all Git operations, so I can quickly switch from one to the other and keep the various desktops uncluttered.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this could be the root of the problem, for some other apps have shown inconsistent behavior when opened in a secondary desktop, or when triggered in the background while I’m focused on another desktop (and the app was opened in the main one).

I’ll try to see if the problem also occurs using SM in the main desktop and post the findings.



After lunch I’ll dedicate some time to dig more into it, I’ll create a local repo for testing and try to isolate the problem. I’ll be keep a close eye on how the problems manifests, and try to see if it’s related to multi-desktops too.



Ok, sorry for the late update on this.

I can now confirm that the lack of refresh update occurs when I squash a branch X into Y, and then merge Y into X to keep them aligned. In that case, the graph never refreshes until I click on either branches on the sidebar.