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Merge with --squash option


Hi there,

I have been using Sublime Merge a lot and I have to say it’s a fantastic piece of software.
I got myself a licence and so far there is only one option missing for me: git merge --squash

Most of my work is done in branches. Each branch have a couple of commits which I don’t really want into the history of the master branch. When a branch is ready, I do a merge --squash on master with a good commit message.

So far, I didn’t found a way to do that from Sublime Merge. Not sure if I miss the option or it’s just no there yet.
Is there any plan to add the --squash option for the merge command ?


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I am currently evaluating SM and the squash merge is the only thing I miss.

Another way that would sufficiently solve this issue for me, is to include a terminal/console (just like in ST using Ctrl+`) where there I could run and git commands in currently open repo.



The squash is possible, when you merge you get a window with checkboxes to activate option like no-commit, squash and another one i forgot.

And when you are missing you can always add them to a menu: for example check this comment that add a revert file command.

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