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Merge in sublime


I find myself annoyed with sublime merge being an external application. Maybe this is because of my time using magit under emacs. I find i want to “just do a quick”… on the current project and I tend to accumulate a bunch of running merge instances as I swap around. I would love it if there was a way for merge to act as part of sublime, as a tab inside sublime itself that belong to the current project that i can pop up and dismiss as easily as I can a tab in sublime.

Probably not possible, but it is on my wish list.



I doubt the devs would embed part of the Merge UI into Text, even if it was possible. You can always add a git plugin to Sublime Text to accomplish those quick tasks.



There is one, but if I start using it I will probably abandon sublime merge… I figured it was worth a request.



I mentioned I expected it wasnt probable, but they use the same systems, so maybe it is?

You never know unless you ask, i would love to stick with sublime merge, but this little annoyance has been growing for me so, I figured I would at least ask.



Sublime Merge is designed as a separate application, with its own settings and layout. Squishing SM into a ST tab would massively impact usability, not to mention what it would be like in a setup with multiple side-by-side groups. You’d also lose most keyboard shortcuts as they’re already associated with functionality in ST. Opening a repository from ST already just opens a tab in SM, which can be just as easily dismissed as a tab in ST.



But thought I would at least ask.