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"Merge All Windows", but by Desktop?


Hi there…

I love the “Merge All Windows” Function, but might it be possible to merge the windows by desktop instead of merging into just one window over all desktops?

I have 3 displays with my iMac (iMac display included) with each severeal desktops. So I have one desktop my own projects, one desktop for projects, I search for code I wrote before to copy it in new projects, and one desktop for the customer projects I am working on… So, when I open new projects I get more and more windows on my third desktop. When merging alle the windows into one, I must find and seperate the tabs for desktop1 an desktop2 to have my environment again…

So it would be nice to just merge only the windows of desktop 3 into one window but not the windows on desktop 1 and 2… I hope, You understand my issue?




Merge All Windows is a macOS provided feature. There may be third party window-management tools that do that.