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Memory Leak on Switching Themes


Sublime Text 3204 uses gigabytes of memory without any windows opened on macOS 10.14.4.

@wbond I found the reason, it happens when switching between ayu themes. Here is video demonstrating the issue. I reckon no theme switching should leak memory, however broken theme is. The custom switch command is not the problem here, it happens if you use standard Sublime Text command for switching theme too.

I’ve also opened the issue in ayu GitHub repo and in the main repo.


Sorry, but 3.2 is the worst version ever (unless git integration is disabled)

This seems like a separate issue than the OP. Lumping every “issue” into a single topic will just cause no one to keep up with what is going on. Because of this, I am going to split the topic.

That said, thank you for identifying the issue, and most importantly creating an issue with steps to reproduce!