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Memory Leak in Sublime Text v3.2.1 Build 3207 on Ubuntu 18.04


I checked other forum topics related to memory leaks in MacOS and the fix was to upgrade ST3 to build 3207. However, that’s what I’m running on my Ubuntu 18.04 machine and as soon as I open Sublime Text, it goes from a few hundred KB of RAM usage to over 10 GB, effectively using up the remainder of the RAM on my machine and halting the OS. I uninstalled and purged sublime-text from my machine, then reinstalled it fresh, without any plugins, but to no avail. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Also installed Build 3208 from the Dev channel and same issue.



Really sure no plugins are left? Did you check whether ~/.config/sublime-text-3 folder is empty?

A vanilla install should use just a couple of MBs and keep calm after initialization.

You don’t try to add the whole filesystem to the sidebar which would effectivly cause billions of inotify nodes to be allocated, do you?



I checked that I am indeed doing a vanilla install of Sublime Text, including wiping out the ~/.config/sublime-text-3 folder. But one additional thing I was doing (which dawned on me afterwards) is that I was also opening up a sublime workspace after the fresh installation. I’ve confirmed that the moment I load that *.sublime-workspace file, the memory usage radically increases. The workspace file contains nearly 1,300 lines in it.



Guess its not the size in the first place but maybe some odd content which might have triggered a recursion int ST.