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Memory leak in Sublime Merge Build 2022?


Build 2022 on Windows, I believe the issue has not been recently introduced and has been there for a while. Noticed it in the last few weeks due to an increase of work on Sublime Merge.

I typically leave my computer on or in sleep state for a relatively long period of time and only reboot about once a week all the while keeping Sublime Merge open during this time. I observed a weird behavior indicating what seems to be a memory leak.
In the process of working with Sublime merge, I typically open multiple tabs/windows and switch often between them. I observed that every single time that I switch tabs, my memory occupation jumps another ~20-40 MBs. After a few days of usage, I’m at ~2 GBs of memory occupation.
Even weirder, closing tabs and windows does not free up memory but actually increases it slightly!
Closing Sublime Merge and reopening the same set of repos occupies significantly less memory until I start switching tabs and pushing it back up.

Anyone else has that issue?



Reached 5.3 GBs this time…



May file a bug report on since there seems to be no similar issue found.



Hi @jkhoriaty,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with Sublime Merge.
If you could go ahead and file a bug report as @jfcherng suggested that would be much appreciated.

Additionally, if you could share how you are measuring the memory usage that would be appreciated.

- Dylan



Might be tied to issue 324, what do you guys think? It happens even when not working with repos that have huge files. Does it need its own issue instead?