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Why is the program not being sold in some well-known stores? For example Steam? When you have to work on several devices, you want all the settings to be synchronized and there is not always a desire to do it all manually



Most market places take a large cut, steam takes 30%, and most require you to use the same price on other stores. There’s already plenty of easy to use synchronisation tools out there for ST: or



There’s also the problem of an app sitting in a sandbox environment when distributed through certain app stores. I like my main tool to have unrestricted access to my entire filesystem.

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Thanks for the info, didn’t know before

But at the expense of the commission 30%, is it possible to raise the price by 30%?)



As stated “most require you to use the same price on other stores”, so raising the price by 30% on say steam means doing the same thing on which just hurts us and it hurts our users. No store wants to host a product that can always be purchased just as easily from somewhere else for cheaper.



But finally, the user himself decides on which platform to buy the product. The user will enter, see the program, see a description of what is cheaper on the official website and make a decision himself, but for you it will work like an advertisement. Isn’t that how the law of the market works?)



Exactly, which is why the various marketplaces don’t allow you to have different pricing options on other platforms as most people would opt for the cheaper platform if it’s just as easy to purchase.

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I’m naive =)

Ok, thanks for the feedback, I got answers to my questions))