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Markdown.sublime-settings Color Theme


Hey everyone!
I tried setting a color theme specifically for Markdown, but it doesn’t work. Works for HTML.sublime-settings. Setting a different font size for .md works as well.
Ever since I tried that, I am even stuck with a theme for .md files (the one I had chosen for Default at the time when I tried to set a .md one). Restarting ST doesn’t solve this. I’m on macOS, ST 4143.
Best wishes,



Markdown shouldn’t behave differently then other syntaxes with regards to syntax-specific settings.

Maybe there is another Markdown.sublime-settings, which overrides the one from your User package?



Well, I didn’t create any such file. If anything, it seems ST created such a file by itself, since even when removing the theme from the Markdown settings file, I am still getting a different theme than what I’m choosing for Default (OSX).



ST itself doesn’t do something like that.

MarkdownEditing provides a MarkdownEditing: Select Color Scheme in Command Palette to assign markdown specific color schemes, but it doesn’t do anything else than writing color_scheme setting to Packages/User/Markdown.sublime-settings.

I am not aware of any other plugin doing something like that.



Thanks for the info! That can’t be the issue, though, since I’m not using that plugin and I was in fact editing the Markdown.sublime-settings to not include any theme data. Yet it still showed up. Solution, though: Rebooting. I think the issue showed up when I initially specified an incorrect path for the theme.