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Markdown Lists with Non-Latin Letters?



I wonder if it is possible to make Markdown lists in ST using letters from alphabets other than Latin English? Probably not. For example, this list with Russian letters isn’t recognized:

а. Пункт
б. Пункт
в. Пункт

I think it would be nice to expand the Markdown type used in ST with more options for lists. These could also include punctuation marks other than dots, Latin numbers, etc. I believe the whole system of Markdown will remain simple but will benefit from these expansions. Examples:

a) Item
b) Item
c) Item
(a) Item
(b) Item
(c) Item
I. Item
II. Item
III. Item




hi, what Markdown flavors support the syntax you describe for list items?
the syntax highlighting in ST is currently handling CommonMark with some support for MarkdownExtra’s footnotes iirc. CommonMark only supports 1-9 as list item numbers followed by a dot or closing paren, hence my question - which Markdown engines/parsers/renderers/converters allow this syntax? If it is fairly common, there should be no problem adding syntax highlighting support for it to ST.



Thank you for the reply. It seems that the question boils down to whether any common type of Markdown supports such list syntax. Because another requirement here is that Pandoc supports this syntax too.

From what I’ve seen, the list types I mentioned aren’t supported :frowning: