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Mark lines (or positions,...) to edit later


Can I mark lines/positions to quickly identify where should I going to edit later?
I could think of one way that for example: put EDIT_LATER where I want to.
Sorry for my English.



You cold add bookmarks and quickly jump between them later.

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Thanks so much. I didn’t know how to search for this on Google.



For this sort of thing I wrote a pretty simple plugin for myself … I put it up on package control: Comment Marks.

Not trying to sell it or anything … I made it public and am sharing it now just because you or others might find it useful.

The main thing it gives you is bookmarks just through writing a comment (with the appropriate format) which will live with the file itself rather than the buffer or text editor run time etc.

I could be wrong, but I’m under the impression that conventional sublime bookmarks aren’t persistent at all?

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