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Many Packages "missing" from Package Control when installing latest Sublime


I just re-install my mac and therefore Sublime today. I have downloaded the latest Sublime (build 4107) and when re-installing my packages, nearly all of the packages are “not available / missing”.

Is there something wrong with Package Control? I have similar issue when try to install older Sublime (build 3211).

Things like the following are missing: (which currently they are placed in “ignored_packages” section)

“1337 Color Scheme”,
“A File Icon”,
“Bootstrap 3 Snippets”,
“Color Highlighter”,
“Dockerfile Syntax Highlighting”,
“Gutter Color”,
“LaTeX Word Count”,
“Logstash Syntax Highlighting”,
“Python 3”,
“Theme - Glacier”,

Any tip will be truly appreciated!

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There was an outage on GitHub yesterday that caused Package Control to enter into a failsafe security mode for any packages it was unable to locate during the outage. The issues have been resolved and packages should be available now.



Yes it works now! Thank you OdatNurd!