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Making Sublime Text More Elegant . .


Just saw (and implemented a few settings of) this video on making ST more elegant.

Gracias Señor Maduro.:cowboy_hat_face:



Making UI elegant by increasing font size to 20?!

Never heard about "ui_scale"?




I guess font_size was not one of his better ideas. So much depends on the font chosen. And anyway all people have to do to adjust it is CTRL+mouse-wheel . . .

But I like the save_on_focus_lost and caret_style options.

Also the ability to bring in nice theme colors - though I’m not so sure about purple and green.



The only thing I would add (other than TERMINATING WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE the satanic auto undent for switch statements would be the ability to have multiple projects open in the same instance of ST. I.E. the sidebar has projects in a vertical list. each project is expandable on the source tree which is expandable on the files in that project. this would be a really nice to have.

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I agree. Even if you have a wide screen, this is awkward for 2 projects.

And quick project switch is not quick enough.